Carnosine – Boosting the Power of Supplements

There are lots of studies confirming the advantages of supplementing with Carnosine. This amino acid was first discovered over 100 years ago in Russia and they have used its anti-ageing and stamina building properties with great success. Their swimmers and athletes have been using it for many years.

Little interest had been shown in Carnosine outside of Russia until just over 10 years ago. During this relatively short period a constant stream of positive reports have been published by Western researchers. Now is not the time to go into all of these in detail but a brief list of some of the benefits might help you realise how clever this little nutrient is: –

• Anti-ageing
• Skin rejuvenation and repair
• Muscle repair and recovery
• Increase energy and stamina
• Prevent (and often cure) cataracts
• Improve diabetes
• Improve sexual potency
• Increase concentration and memory
• Help regulate blood pressure

There are other on-going studies. One, in particular, is investigating how Carnosine interferes with actual cancer cells and inhibits their reproduction. At the moment this particular study is concentrating on colon cancer but already we hear of encouraging results with other forms of cancer.

Another property of Carnosine is its ability to boost the effectiveness of virtually any other nutritional supplement. It won’t turn iron into gold or anything as dramatic as that but it will help the body extract and make maximum use of nutritional ingredients in existing supplements or food. This is known as bio-availability. At one extreme, you can swallow a substance that passes straight through your digestive system (and out the other end) without any of it being used by your body.

Imagine your doctor telling you that you were deficient in iron (a fairly common complaint). You could try eating iron filings but they would make absolutely zero contribution to your health – if anything they could be quite dangerous if they got stuck in your intestines.

Many iron supplements contain ferrous sulphate which can be absorbed by the body but more than 90% of the iron still passes straight through without being used. Higher percentage absorption can be achieved using “chelated” iron. Whilst this increases the cost it is usually good value.

Well now the researchers have found that supplementing with Carnosine alongside another nutritional supplement can increase the bio-availability of the additional supplement many fold. Carnosine can’t change a poor quality supplement into a good one. But what it can do is greatly enhance the effectiveness of any particular nutrient.

This useful property of Carnosine had been suspected for some time. But it wasn’t until a small company called Ethos suggested that some of their customers combine their normal product with Carnosine that people started to sit up and take notice. It is difficult to quantify the actual power of this strengthening effect. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to consider the case of one Canadian customer. His medical team had diagnosed inoperable cancer and given him 3 weeks to live. In desperation his doctor suggested a course of Ethos Marine Phytoplankton boosted with Ethos Endymion (pure Carnosine). Even his doctor was staggered when several months later the scans could find no trace of the cancer. You can read the full story HERE.

Since then, Ethos has received a steady stream of stories from delighted customers who are also experiencing remarkable healing by boosting their supplement with Ethos Endymion (Carnosine). In order to help their existing customers Ethos has launched a Special Offer on a Combination Pack of their Marine Phytoplankton and Carnosine. Fortunately, it is also available to new customers.

Special Note: Ethos Endymion – pure Carnosine – will help boost most quality nutritional products. It would be wrong at this stage to claim it works with every product on the market but their researchers have not experienced a failure. They do stress, however, that any additional supplement should be of a high quality to experience any improvement.

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Author: Peter Aldred

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