Does Toothache Indicate Cancer?

That is rather a dramatic headline – even for us. We have spent the last few days checking out a story that initially stretched even our belief zones to the absolute limit. But as we contacted experts around the world we started to piece together an amazing picture that could have dramatic and life-changing (or even life-saving) results for thousands of people.

It all started when we read about Bill Henderson’s survey of 3,500 cancer patients. He found that over 70% of them also had root canal or other dental problems. He also found that virtually all of his patients who had the root canal removed went on to experience a full recovery. Yet the patients who continued to have dental problems only achieved partial cures or the cancer kept on returning.

We asked our local “conventional” dentist about this and he was extremely dubious. “All reputable dentists treat large cavities and root canal with powerful antibiotics and the chances of infection are miniscule.”

We then asked one of Europe’s leading Holistic Dentists if he knew of the connection between Root Canal Treatment and Cancer. “There is increasingly good evidence for this – but not from the dental fraternity since root canal treatment is an excellent revenue stream.” We then followed some of the lines of enquiry he gave us and this is too powerful to be dismissed as coincidence.

What We Found: –

Please note that we are neither dental nor cancer experts. We have tried to condense the technical comments and rephrase them in terms that most people can understand.

1) There is overwhelming evidence of a link between tooth decay and/or root canal treatment and cancer.

2) We did not find that all tooth problems lead to cancer. Nor did we find that all people with cancer have problems with their teeth. What we did find though is that a significantly high percentage of people with cancer also have teeth problems (sometimes hidden and not obvious). We also found that a significantly high percentage of people with teeth problems also either had cancer, or went on to develop cancer.

3) All types of cancer were affected.

4) Cancer patients who also had their teeth treated by a specialist holistic (or biological) dentist had a much greater chance of recovery (irrespective of treatment) and also an increased prospect of remaining free from the cancer ever returning.

5) We even found one specialist cancer clinic in Europe that insists on removing ALL previously treated root canals before starting their specific cancer therapy. They have their own fully trained dental department on site.

So what does all this mean?

We came across several teams that are part way through a research programme on this subject and others about to embark on one. At this point in time there appears to be little formal proof that tooth decay causes cancer, or that cancer causes tooth decay. It may be that there is a third, yet to be discovered, factor that causes both cancer and tooth decay. We don’t know and it could be several years before the definitive proof is published.

What we do know is that something significant is happening and that there is a close connection of some sort between cancer and tooth decay. This is particularly noticeable with root canal treatment but there is also some evidence connected with poorly impacted wisdom teeth and other teeth and gum disorders.

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What You Should Do: –

1) If you have already been diagnosed with cancer then you should have a thorough dental check up with a Holistic or Biological Dentist as a matter of urgency. Most internet search engines will help you to locate your nearest one. Conventional dentists have not yet been made aware of these findings so it is important that you are treated by a specialist who understands the possible links between root canal treatment and cancer. This is especially important if you have a history of tooth decay and/or oral problems. Then you can continue with your existing treatment. You will then become more receptive to the many different therapeutically or nutritional treatments available.

2) If you have had root canal treatment recently, or are currently awaiting treatment, then you must accept that you now have a higher than normal susceptibility to developing cancer. Your immune system will be under attack and you need to concentrate on strengthening this by choosing a well balanced diet and supplementing with special nutrients as soon as possible. Then arrange to see a holistic dentist for a thorough check up.

3) If you are lucky enough to have perfectly healthy teeth and gums then make sure you keep them that way. We can’t be certain, but the indications are that this significantly reduces your risk of developing cancer.

We don’t have any specific ties to dentists or specialist cancer clinics so we are not making any specific recommendations. All we do ask is that you choose a fully experienced “holistic” dentist – in some countries they are more widely known as biological dentists.

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Author: Peter Aldred

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