How to Prevent a Secondary Cataract after Surgery

Prevent Cataract After SurgeryForty-percent of people who have cataract surgery then go on to get a secondary cataract, known as an ‘after-cataract’, according to the National Eye Institute in America. After a cataract has been removed and an artificial lens inserted into the eye, remaining lens cells can start to migrate across the new artificial lens towards the field of vision and start obscuring vision once again. The regeneration of these lens cells can make the new lens cloudy and so will then require laser treatment to remove them.

After cataract surgery it is strongly advised to use Ethos Bright Eyes drops for two reasons. Firstly, the N-Acetyl-Carnosine in the eye drops, which is the main active ingredient, has excellent healing properties and will help to expedite the recovery time after the operation. Secondly, by applying one drop, three times a day, they will very effectively help to prevent the formation of an after-cataract and help to keep the new lens crystal clear for optimal vision.

Ageless eyes; By using Bright Eyes drops daily, they are an excellent prophylactic for preventing cataracts, and other ocular disorders, from ever occurring in the first place. They will keep your eyes looking healthy, bright and sparking… so order yours today.

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Author: Peter Aldred

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