‘my vision improved by a whole diopter and my peripheral vision improved 100%’

I have used your drops for the past 6 months for cataracts. I am 55 years old. For two weeks I used 6 drops daily in each eye and then reduced to one drop daily in the eve. Went for my follow up eye exam and discovered my vision improved by a whole diopter and my peripheral vision improved 100% since my last exam 6 months ago. I can only contribute this to your fantastic product. I am continuing to use them daily to maintain these results. If you feel that is not necessary please let me know. I value your opinions and have recommended your product to all my friends with the same condition. Thank you so much for developing this alternative to cataract surgery. I really did not want to have that cataracts surgery at my so called young age.

Have a wonderful day.

Janet, USA

Dear JanetIf your eyesight is 20/20 again then there is no longer any need to continue with the drops; but we do still recommend that everyone should use just one or two drops a day as a general maintenance does to maintain good eye health and to help stop and other eye diseases from ever developing in the future.

Thank you once again for taking the time and trouble to write in and let us know about your excellent results…

All the very best


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Author: Peter Aldred

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