The Benefits of Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops for Cataracts

As we grow older, sustaining wellness really is of paramount importance; especially as our bodies begin to find it much harder to rebuf free-radicals which trigger oxidative-stress damage within the cells of our body. This particular, extremely oxidised, atmosphere inside our tissue happens due to chemical substance responses, through contact with air, as well as sunshine, plus through environmental toxins, and especially self-induced toxins, such as those from smoking and alcohol consumption, which generate the biggest influx of free-radicals into the body if you do choose to smoke and drink.

Sunlight is a major contributing factor that causes oxidative-stress damage within the eyes and wearing dark sunglasses in bright sunlight can greatly help to reduce its damaging effects. The actual harmful effects associated with free-radicals (which are very powerful oxidising brokers) additionally damage essential nutrients which are required to preserve essential metabolic process within the body. Because blood circulation reduces as we grow older, nutritional supplementation also plays a very important role in protecting the body; especially powerful free-radical scavengers such as Ethos Elan Vital.

Ethos Bright Eyes eye drops are one of the most powerful and advanced eye formulations available on the market today; they offer protection from free-radicals due to their unique formulation of lubricants, anti-glycating agents and the NAC super-antioxidant. Glycation occurs as a result of the non-enzymatic binding of sugars to proteins, which eventually leads to tissue damage, and this process continues to increase with age.

In clinical trials, N-acetyl-carnosine eye drops (Ethos Bright Eyes Eye Drops) have proved to be the most effective, non-surgical, treatment for cataracts. N-acetyl-Carnosine eye drops have been shown to delay vision senescence in humans; being effective in 100% of cases of primary senile cataract, and 80% of cases of mature senile cataract (Wang et al. 2000). N-acetyl-Carnosine eye drops are able to enter both the aqueous and lipid parts of the eye, and they have been shown to prevent and repair light-induced DNA strand breaks in the eye. In Russia, N-acetyl-Carnosine eye drops are approved, not only for the treatment of cataracts, but for the treatment of many different eye diseases as well including; glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. Ethos Bright Eyes is an advanced eye formulation that contains 1% N-acetyl-Carnosine in a soothing, all natural, eye drop formulation.

Ethos Bright Eyes is one of the most advanced topical eye formulas that offers protection to the lens of the eyes from free-radical damage because of its unique formulation of lubricants, anti-glycating agents and the NAC super-antioxidant that, when topically applied, penetrate and protect the lipid tissues of the eyes against both oxidative-stress and light damage. Bright Eyes drops will help to diminish free-radical damage and the harmful effects of glycosylation associated with most degenerative eye disease.

Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes NAC eye drops are a very powerful prophylactic and the recommended ‘maintenance dose’ is to apply 1 to 2 drops in each eye every day. For those people addressing any kind of eye problem they should apply 1 drop, into each eye being treated, hourly throughout the day; 8, 9, 10 times a day is ideal. It is also strongly recommended to use them in conjunction with the Ethos Élan Vital supplement mentioned above plus New Focus zeaxanthin and lutein sublingual spray for even greater effectiveness; this is especially important for diabetic patients to help to combat the constant infusion of sugars into the lens of the eye and also when treating Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) or glaucoma.

Each box of Bright Eyes Drops contains 2 x 5ml bottles which should last approximately 7 days when applying them at the rate of 10 drops per day and when treating both eyes. The recommended course of treatment is to use six boxes, over the period of six weeks, which represents excellent value for money when compared to the cost of cataract surgery. This is the average time people take to see good results; mild to moderate cases can take less time, and more severe cases can take longer, but this is the average.

To prevent contaminants, do not touch the end of the eye dropper bottles once you have opened them. Just open and use 1 bottle at a time. Do not let other people use your bottle – if two members of your household are both undergoing treatment they should then each have their own open bottle to use and they should be marked accordingly. Once opened, the bottles should preferably be kept refrigerated but, in the event that this isn’t feasible, they should be kept as cool as possible and out of direct sunlight. Once opened, bottles should be used completely within thirty days and discarded at the end of 30 days, even if they aren’t completely finished yet.

Remember that it has been proved that Bright Eyes drops are most effective when they are administered more frequently. It is also recommended that you also take 1 teaspoon of the Ethos Élan Vital supplement every day as this will help the eye drops to work much faster and better and will also give many other excellent health benefits besides.

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Author: Peter Aldred

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