The eye drops have given me my life back and I am very grateful

Hello Peter,

I don’t know if this will reach you on this email address but if it does I just wanted to say that I too am now experiencing a lot of success with the ethos bright eye drops. I have been using them now for about 9 weeks or about that time and at first I really used them like crazy, about ten times a day. Over time I have found it seems to suit me better to use them a little less often. Maybe four or five times a day. I have been able to resume my normal activities now and although I still get a small amount of fogging in my eyes it gets better every day and it does not bother me that much anymore as it is so reduced from the way it used to be and getting better all the time.

I had my doubts I do not deny but it is obvious things are getting better in a very noticeable way. The eye drops have given me my life back and I am very grateful I found out about them and glad that you had the patience to deal with me when I had so many doubts. I have just sent for the third order of them although I have still got some left to be going on with until the new order arrives, but my hubby now wants to try them for a floater in his eye. I am not sure if the drops will work on a floater but he is going to try. If they can work on me the way my eyes used to be, they can work on anyone.

Years ago I had what is known as an ischemic blockage in my left eye which all but took the vision from it, leaving me with a scarred retina that made the vision in my left eye more or less useless. I was told it was permanently damaged as no blood was getting through. Well much to her surprise the optician noticed on my last visit that my vision in that eye had improved. It did not surprise me. I had noticed it happening myself, but it has been a very unexpected side-effect from using the drops as I was told nothing would help that eye. Well… It IS happening. And I don’t need a specialist to tell me that my cataracts are slowly dissolving either … I can see that myself.

Thanks once again. I just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work.


C.M – Victoria, Australia

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Author: Peter Aldred

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