“the Labrador had completely recovered and the tumour had disappeared…”

labrador girlWe had a call today from Georgina, one of our customers. She told me about the family Labrador that had been diagnosed with a serious cancer that had created a tumour in its neck the size of a tennis ball. The Vet quoted around £10,000 to remove the tumour, although he said there was no guarantee of success. The dog was given just 6 weeks to live if the tumour was not removed. That sum of money was not affordable for the family and they began seeking alternatives.

Then the owner read about marine phytoplankton on the internet, and ordered our capsules. Within a short time – taking 4 capsules per day – the Labrador had completely recovered and the tumour had disappeared. The Labrador is now fit and healthy! The Vet described the recovery as a “miracle” as he had never seen anything like it before.

So what is the take-home message?… marine phytoplankton does not directly treat or cure anything; it works because it supplies the body with a combination of phyto-chemicals that help the immune system – human or animal – to fight back against something even as serious as terminal cancer. Doctors who are not trained in nutritional therapy often try to persuade our customers to STOP TAKING nutrient-dense whole foods like marine phytoplankton because they say that certain types of foods could make their toxic medicines less effective. They are entitled to their opinion…

As many of you already know – Ethos Marine Phytoplankton is a remarkable product. Now you can rest assured that our quality procedures are second to none and the purity and history of our product can be checked and traced through every stage – including DNA testing, if required. You may occasionally see products advertised at cheaper prices – but as we are now discovering – they are not always what they claim to be.

With Ethos Marine Phytoplankton you can always be certain of getting exactly what you pay for – 100% Phytoplankton with NO added fillers, mixers or incipients, guaranteed.

Ethos Marine Phytoplankton – the real deal.

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Author: Peter Aldred

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