‘the spots in both eyes are smaller and not so ‘blind’ any more!’


Dear Peter

I’ve ordered a few boxes of the Bright Eyes Glaucoma drops and I’ve been using the drops for a month now. I will only have an IOP test in a few weeks time to see if there is any improvement there. I also suffered from central serous retinopathy in the past and, as a result, suffer from a very small grey blind spot (scars) in each eye. Today, all of a sudden whilst working on my computer I realised that the spots in both eyes are smaller and not so ‘blind’ any more! There is a definate improvement and I’m very curious to know if you have received any similar feedback regarding CSR scar tissue improving with the use of these drops?

Francois P, South Africa

Dear Francois

Thank you for your latest order and for sharing your wonderful story with us. Yes, the drops were originally developed for cataracts but due to the unique properties of the N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) in them they also help virtually all other eye conditions too. The unique thing about N-Acetyl-Carnosine is that it works at a cellular level to repair damage and rejuvenate cells. We also have it available as an oral supplement and then it works its same magic all around the body. It is the only truly anti-aging product out there on the market.

We have lots of amazing feedback from customers and even have people with Macular Degeneration claiming that their sight has come back which the texts books say is impossible but, as far as we are aware, there have never been any clinical trials carried out with this unique combination of products.

All the very best


23/02/2012Hi Peter

I ‘ve been checking my ‘blind spots’ since the discovery yesterday and it is not my imagination – it is definitely improving! I’ve been using the drops at a rate of at least 8-10x, sometimes eve more per day. That’s why I ordered another full course.

Kind regards

Francois P, South Africa

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