After just a few weeks, our whole family was amazed by the excellent results…

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Bright Eyes Drops for glaucomaHere are two testimonials on behalf of my mum and grandma.

“My mum is in her 60s and for years had been complaining about the worsening of her eyesight. Her peripheral vision was degenerating to a point where she refused to go outside in the evenings as she simply could not see due to the dark patches, which were overtaking her visual field. Despite the numerous eyesight regular checks, new eye glasses and eye drops, she could not see clear. Finally, she was diagnosed with advanced stage Glaucoma and was offered a laser surgery in a hope to relieve the problem with the extra fluids built in her eyes. However, as an advocate for a natural way of dealing with health issues, I believed that there must be an alternative to the invasive surgery. It was a trial and error process with a numerous herbal pills and drops until I stumbled on Ethos Bright Eyes Drops. After just a few weeks, our whole family was amazed by the excellent results. The dark circles affecting my mum’s peripheral vision were gone. Her eyesight became sharp, and she kept asking me to get her more of these miracle eye drops as they were finally allowing her to see.”

“My nearly 90 years old grandma stopped sending me letters as she could no longer see the words she was writing. However, one day I received unexpected mail. “Remember how in the mornings I had to use my fingers to open my eyelid, how the images were hazy and double? Well, now all these issues are gone, and I even started reading novels.” When I read these lines, I nearly jumped from excitement as I thought the Ethos Bright Eyes Drops help, but had no idea to what extent. My grandma continued: “I keep using the eye drops and the powder you have sent me daily, and I feel great. Soon, I am going to see the doctor who said that my Glaucoma is irreversible, and I either need to learn how to live with it or have a surgery. Thank you for your persistence and finding a true relief for my eyes.” I am very grateful that thanks to the Ethos Bright Eyes Drops and Ethos élan Vital my grandma does not feel like a disabled person but rather like a fully functioning one.”

G.S. California, USA

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