Bright Eyes – Cataracts Gone! Intraocular Pressure Lower!

I was diagnosed with glaucoma about 7 years ago.

A few years ago the Specialist advised me that I would soon need a cataract operation and that is when I started investigating alternatives and read about EthosWorld on the Internet. I ordered Ethos Eye Drops for Cataracts and when I had my next appointment with the Specialist in 6 months time I asked him what the position was with my cataracts and he said they were gone, which was so amazing.

Have been treated by a prominent Glaucoma Specialist with eye drops – one of which I have been using for since I was first diagnosed and this has kept the pressure down, but the Specialist was concerned that my glaucoma condition was worsening in one eye and every additional eye drop he prescribed, to be taken with the original drops, caused problems such as blood shot eyes, not feeling well etc.

I have been searching for eye drops for Glaucoma and was thrilled to find EthosWorld now have Eye Drops for Glaucoma.
I purchased my first bulk discount pack in November 2011 and have already ordered another delivery of the bulk pack. My Specialist has indicated that if the pressure in my eye doesn’t improve he will be forced to give me a glaucoma operation, which I am determined to avoid if possible. Although I have been using the glaucoma drops for only a few weeks, my eyes do feel much more comfortable.

I have great confidence in these eye drops and have noticed that if I use the drops an hour or so before my appointment with the Specialist, the pressure is greatly improved on consultation. So, not only are the drops treating cataracts and glaucoma, both of these drops also improve eye pressure – wonderful. I am very, very grateful and look forward to my next appointment with the Specialist to know the results.

L. W. – Australia

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Author: Peter Aldred

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