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Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Cataracts Eye drops dissolve cataracts naturally without invasive surgery

Bright Eyes Drops for cataracts

 Bright Eyes Drops for cataracts


Sight is one of the most prized of all human senses yet one that most people take so much for granted. Cataracts is the leading cause of blindness worldwide with an estimated 22 million sufferers, aged 40 and over, in the States alone. The direct medical cost of cataracts surgery in the USA is said to be an incredible $6.8 billion a year. But now there is new hope for cataract suffers whereby they can treat themselves with a simple course of eye drops, in the comfort of their own home, and avoid invasive cataract surgery.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

The symptoms of cataracts are that your vision will appear to be clouded or misty and colours will become duller and less bright than they were before. You may begin to see double and notice difficulty seeing in strong sunlight and especially when driving at night with oncoming headlight beams shining in your eyes. Wearing dark sun glasses my help with the latter two symptoms. Reading may also become more difficult.

What are the risks of cataracts surgery?

Cataracts surgery is one of the most successful operations ever developed but, as with any kind of medical procedure, there is still always an element of risk involved. It is for this reason that cataracts surgeons will only ever operate on one eye at a time as if the operation fails the patient can be left blind in one eye. If this does happen then they will not operate on the one remaining good eye in fear of the same thing happening to that one and then the patient will be left completely blind. If this is the case, then our Ethos Bright Eyes drops are the only hope left to those people to help them to regain their sight again and we have successfully helped several patients in this way. So cataracts surgery is generally a relatively safe operation when carried out by a well experienced key-hole surgeon, and it only carries about a 1% risk of failure, but that still means that potentially one in every hundred people could be left blind in one eye.

What causes cataracts?

Cataracts is a clouding of the crystalline lens inside of the eye caused by a cross-linking of proteins that make up the lens. If left untreated it will eventually lead to blindness and especially affects diabetics. All diabetics will develop cataracts due to a constant infusion of sugars into the lens of the eye if the diabetes isn't brought back into control. Bright Eyes drops were originally developed to treat humans but they work equally as well with pets and all other animals. Cataracts in dogs is very common as they age and again, especially if they have diabetes. In fact, seventy-five percent of all dogs diagnosed with cataracts will develop cataracts within one year of the first diagnosis and it can develop very rapidly, literally overnight in some very severe cases. Because of age, other complications, and the costs involved, it is not always possible for pets to undergo cataracts surgery and our Ethos Bright Eyes drops for pets provide an excellent and natural alternative to help restore your pets vision back to full clarity again.

What are the best treatments for cataracts?

The treatment for cataracts with Ethos Bright Eyes drops is very simple and easy, especially if you use our latest EZY-DROPS eye drops applicator strips. These are reflective strips with a target like cross-hair on them that you attach to the side of the eye drops bottle and align with the tip of the bottle. They very effectively take the guesswork out of putting eye drops into your eyes and save wastage from drops missing your eye and running down your cheek. These can be purchased on their own and are ideal for use with any eye drop medication, not just our Ethos Bright Eyes drops.

How long will it take for me to see improvements?

The recommended course of treatment for cataracts with Ethos Bright Eyes drops is to apply one eye drop into each eye being treated hourly throughout the day. At this rate of application one box of drops should last approximately one week when treating both eyes. There are two 5ml bottles of drops inside each box. The recommended course of treatment is to use 6 boxes over a period of six weeks when treating both eyes. This is the average time that it takes people to dissolve their cataracts naturally - people with more mature cataracts may require a longer course of treatment and people with mild to moderate cataracts may require slightly less.

Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops Dissolve Cataracts naturally without

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