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Cataracts Drops - The Facts

 Cataracts Drops - The Facts Cataracts drops are very important for many different kinds of eye conditions, besides just cataracts, and sometimes it is very informative to know some of the myths and stories that you can hear about cataracts drops which can then help you to know if these myths and stories also apply to your current perception of them or not.

The myths about cataracts drops originate from many different people and from many different sources but, more often than not, they originate from government agencies and from cataracts surgeons themselves. Why? Because cataracts surgery is worth billions of dollars a year in revenues and taxes to them and so they deliberately spread romours and myths about the efficacy of cataracts drops to try and put people off using them and so they opt for their costly and invasive cataract surgery instead. A fourteen year old boy who we helped to successfully treat his cataracts with cataracts drops, when asked why cataracts surgeons didn't recommend them said; "Well, it would be just like asking turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving...".

Here are some facts that you can compare with your own ideas and views so far about cataracts drops and hopefully they will help to dispel any myths and romours that you might have heard so far.

Typically, cataracts is a clouding of the lens of the eye which develops within the crystalline lens inside of the eye and is caused by a cross-linking of proteins. Cataracts vary in their degree of severity and the amount of visual impairment that they cause - from small and fairly minor cataracts right the way through to very mature cataracts that accomplishes complete opacity which then completely impeeds the passage of light through the lens of the eye and totally obscures vision. In the early stages of age-related cataracts, the effectiveness of your lens will start to be impaired; this can lead to near-sightedness (myopia), as well as the continuous yellowing and also pacification in the lens which may lessen your perception of colours, especially in the blue spectrum. All colours will apear to be much duller and less bright than they used to be.

Cataracts generally develop relatively slowly over time and thus visual degradation is also gradual and can go unnoticed for a very long time, until such time as visual acuity is noticed to be greatly impaired. Your sight will gradually become hazey and you may begin to see hallos around lights which can be especially noticable when driving at night. As the cataracts develops further it could make night driving almost impossible. This resultant loss of eyesight will eventually lead to complete blindness if left untreated. The problem generally has an effect on both of the eyes but, more often than not, one eye will be affected before the other one. It is estimated that the direct medical cost of cataracts surgery in the USA alone is an incredible $6.8 billion a year and cataract is the most commonest cause of premature blindness, with an estimated 22 million cases.

N-Acetyl-Carnosine (or NAC for short) cataracts drops have been developed in order to help people to avoid invasive cataract surgery and, in fact, to actually breakdown and dissolve existing cataracts which then returns the eyes natural lens back to full clarity; thus restoring normal vision once again. Many individuals who are either afraid of invasive cataract surgical procedures on their eyes, or who have heard of the adverse effects after cataract surgery that some people experience, purchase the NAC cataracts drops and use them with excellent results. Knowing about these kinds of misconceptions may well save you both time and money, and may also help keep your eyes healthy for much longer by using these NAC cataracts drops as a profilactic. Cataracts at the rear of the pupil sit within the natural lens of the eye. Cataracts is a progressive condition and with each passing year your lens will become cloudier and you will see everything through a gloomy yellowish haze and also your vision will become more and more blurry.

Yes, cataracts surgery is one of the most successful operations ever developed, with a very, very high success rate, but that still doesn't help those poor people who are left blind in one eye after cataract surgery when the Doctors then refuse to operate on the other remaining good eye in fear that the same thing may happen again. In these cases, NAC eye drops are the only possible solution left to these people to prevent complete blindness as their one remaining good eye continues to deteriorate.

Using NAC eye drops regularly, every day, as a preventative measure will stop cataracts from ever forming in the first place.

Applying the eye drops hourly throughout the day to eyes affected with cataracts will gradually breakdown the cataract by reversing the cross-linking of proteins in the lens of the eye and thus return the original lens of the eye back to full clarity once again.

Even if people do decide to opt for surgery, using NAC cataracts drops after cataracts surgery will speed up the body's own natural healing processes and will also help to stop a condition called an after cataract from forming.

Other post surgical procedure medications may be prescribed and are usually continued for a number of weeks. In this case your physician will provide you with guidelines on how and when you should taper, or perhaps remove, their particular use.

Remember that it can be common for the operation to result in some pain, particularly for the first day or two after the cataracts operation. If you wish, you can take pain killers like Tylenol, or perhaps other non-prescription pain remedies to help you. These drops can be purchased as eye health supplements.

In summary, cataracts drops offer a viable and cost-effective natural alternative to invasive cataracts surgery and there are no risks of being left blind afterwards as unfortunately can be the case when cataract surgery goes wrong. There are no know contraindications or adverse side-effects and they can be administered in the comfort of your own home without ever having to attend a hospital or eye clinic and undergo a surgical procedure.

As already stated, it is unlikely that your health professional will recommend cataracts drops as most still haven't yet heard about them and, even if they have, are programmed to go along with the standard recommendations of having costly and invasive cataracts surgery. But we suggest that you do your own due diligence and research on cataracts drops, from all of the information which is readily available on the internet, and then draw your own conclusions and make a much more informed decision as to which option you personally feel is best for you and your loved ones.

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